November 3, 2003

  • All simulations are initialized at 00 UTC this date.
  • Simulated 24h precipitation fields and precipitation difference fields (contoured in mm) begin at 08 UTC (or 01 LST) this date.
  • Daily precipitation observations (reported in inches) are from the CoCoRaHS network and generally lag by several hours, beginning about 14 UTC (or 07 LST) this date.

  • Simulated 24h Precipitation Fields on Fine Grid

  • Realtime Forecast Simulation (no-seed)
  • Control Simulation (no-seed)
  • Seeding Simulation

  • Simulated 24h Precipitation Difference Fields on Fine Grid

  • Realtime-Control Precip Difference
  • Seed-Control Precip Difference

  • Observed 24h Precipitation Fields over Colorado

  • CoCoRaHS Observations

  • Time Series and Seeding Maps

  • Time Series (Seed-rate, Avail./Activated Concentration, Cumulative Precip)
  • Vert-int. AgI conc. at time of total domain max
  • Vert-int. activated AgI conc. at time of tot domain max
  • Time Series (G3 VI-SLW Area/Avg, TA VI-SLW Area/Avg, Cumulative Precip)