General Information About The: Cotton Soaring Index (CSI)
Surface temperatures are forcast at gridpoints using solar radiation at surface, infrared radiation from the surface, sensible and latent heat fluxes into the air, and heat diffusion into soil. CSI is calculated using forecast surface temperatures, and a difference between forecast air temperature 1600 m above ground level, and temperature of adiabatically lifted parcel to that level. Look for negative values of CSI. The more negative the better for good thermals. CAUTION - CSI does not tell you if clouds will over develop. You must look at rainfall predictions for that.

For the CRYSTAL-FACE forecasts, please use the following link: Click Here

Colorado Forecasts (00z)

Colorado Forecasts (12z)


  • Mission Research Corporation (MRC) / *Aster Division - RAMS
  • NOAA-Air Resource Lab (Scroll Down to "Forecast Model Graphics")
  • Operational Meteorological Field produced by RAMS for Italy and Tuscany

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